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Bonding configuration




Two different Ethernet cards are merging to behave like single interface card. It uses for link aggregation and single Ethernet card (physical card) failure over come to this scenario  



In this scenario,

One server have two physical Ethernet card, each Ethernet cards has a two ports like as Eth0 , Eth1 and Eth2, Eth3.

Now we are configuring bond0 using Eth0 and Eth2.

Open to the terminal as root:

# yast2 lan &


It shows how many physical Ethernet cards connected to server.

Select one Ethernet card and click Add option


Go to Device Type click to Ethernet option and scroll down it shows many options.


Select the Bond option and click


Its automatically change configuration name like as bond0 and go to next


Given the Ip address and Subnetmask. Hostname is not require go to tab like Hardware


It shows Device Type like as Bond and Configuration Name like as bond0


Go to tab Bond Slaves select two physical Ethernet cards and select the Bond Driver Options


We are choose this option



Provides load balancing and fault tolerance, at the cost of out-of-order packet transmission. This may cause delays, for example, for TCP reassembly.

 active-backup: Provides fault tolerance.

balance-xor:  Provides load balancing and fault tolerance.

Broadcast:  Provides fault tolerance.

802.3ad : Provides dynamic link aggregation if supported by the connected switch.

balance-tlb: Provides load balancing for outgoing traffic.

balance-alb: Provides load balancing for incoming and outgoing traffic, if the network devices used allow the modifying of the network device's hardware address while in use. 



And go to next option and checking bond is creating or not


Go to Hostname / DNS Tab

Given to hostname and DNS server ip address